Affiliate Terms and Agreement

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Terms and Agreement

By reading this ‘Terms and Agreement’, you hereby consent to abide by the terms established here. You may be part of UserLocaction’s Affilitate Program as an Affiliate Member by agreeing to the terms and conditions as stated below. The term ‘You’ may imply the person You or Your company or Your Compnay’s or your authorized personnel with authority to enter into an agreement with us to the extent permitted in this agreement.

You understand and represent that you agree and act accordingly to the terms set forth here.

You hereby represent that you are of proper legal age and authorized to enter into an agreement and contracts with us complying all local, state, national, international laws and any other applicable law to you.

You understand that you should hold a valid ClickBank account and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of this agreement. The terms of sale as determined by ClickBank and us are final. This agreement prevails over all other decisions.

We may provide marketing tools to you, such as – text ads, banner ads, email templates, articles and as such, so as to help you to market our product efficiently. You agree to use our marketing tools only to market our products and we retain all the rights relating to our products and their marketing tools. You may use our marketing tools, registered and unregistered trademarks to market only our products and you agree that you are authorized only to market our products with our trademarks. Our trademarks and any other information regarding our products should only be used to promote our products only.

We grant you a nonexclusive, limited license to use our marketing tools and we reserve the right to continue, upgrade or terminate any part or whole of marketing tools at any time as we see fit. You may not alter, without prior written permission, any of the marketing tools. You agree that you shall transfer all the rights to us relating to the marketing tools and associated domain names obtained by you when you opt out of this agreement.

You agree to understand all proper terminology related to affiliate tracking and you are responsible for any or part of work done by you and costs incurred in sending traffic to our sites.

You agree to market our products only to the extent permitted by all applicable laws and you are solely responsible for all your actions.

You agree to provide your correct and accurate information about you and your contacts in order to properly identify and communicate with you.

You agree to respect the website users and email users privacy and act only in ways permitted by all applicable laws. You agree to pay any damages caused by you to the extent to which you are responsible.

You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend us from any and all legal proceedings, not limited to all forms of legal costs and breach of this contract.

We reserve the right to approve or disapprove any website user transactions.

You are responsible for all tax related issues related to your income from our sites.

We reserve to alter, change, modify or terminate any products and their details not limited to pricing structure and scope of operation and information supplied at any time as we see fit to do so.

You also agree that your account and contract should abide by these terms at all times as long as you are our affiliate. You also agree in goodwill to uphold our products and reputation.

Any matter related to you and us, in regards to affiliate agreement are bound by this agreement and we reserve the rights in matters not specified here.

Any incomes or examples, represented on our sites and communication from us, are attributed to concerned entities with their respective scenarios, resources and experience in conducting the business and the mode of their operations with their unique strategies based on time, place, users’ responsiveness and other atmospheric phenomenon. The results may, most likely, vary from one entity to other based on many factors that are beyond our control. You clearly understand that you are responsible in every way to the decisions you make in relating to marketing our products. You understand that we do not make any implied warranties with respect to affiliate program and you shall agree and abide by the terms, we set, at all times.

The terms 'we' and 'us' are reperensented by, a division of KJV Corporation, a state of Delaware Company.